Talkmed activities


Walking and talk

Walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week can improve quality of life for patients with advanced cancer according to research published in BMJ Open

We encourage our patient to be more active and incorporate exercice into their daily lives


The word education is derived from latin word educare and educatum which means to learn to know to lead out.

Education means training for the country and love the nation “KAUTILYA’S”.

Change the behavior cancer is spiritual or mysterious is the aim of a real education.

Way to educate yourself more on cancer survivorship and being a caretaker.


To eat is a necessity but to at intelligently is an art.

A healthy diet is an essential part of cancer treatment ant eating the right kinds of food before, during and after the treatment helps you to bcom stronger.

You may need help and support, TALKMED offer all the support you need.


If you have a colostomy bag it can take while to master the skill of changing it.

We offer the possibility to get more information and live with normally.

Living without infection

Chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer are responsible of a low count blood cell.

Which increase a risk of infection.

We help patient and their caregivers fight against infection by helping them increase their blood cell and provide support material.

Chemoterapy care package will be created for our cancer care patient.