About Us


Talkmed has developed a holistic approach focused on the management of cancer to help patients getting through the best possible path to recovery.

The principal objective of talkmed enterprise is to share and educate knowledge about actuality, news, events concerning cancer around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide advice by peer to peer learning between the experts and the the patient or the caregiver.

> We helping answering those questions

> What patient should know about cancer

> Who to consult first

> How to manage adverse effect of chemotherapy

> Others options of treatment

> Balance diet for cancer patient

> What is the best hospital require for my case

Health Care

Benefits of talkmed home health care, ensure continous care and recovery at the comfort of your home, expert surgical and medical management at home, timely administration of routine medications and injections, ncompromised treatment at your convenience

Management of stomy

If you have a colostomy bag it can take while to master the skill of changing it. We offer the possibility to get more information and live with normally.

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